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The Casa das Almas

As part of the Call of Souls Project, a religious space (in the religare sense, to connect) offers the public a place of spiritual renewal, a place dedicated to food for the soul: this is the Casa das Almas.

After 26 years of initiation into the Afro-Brazilian Umbanda tradition in Brazil, Philippe Lenaif opened on July 21, 2021 his terreiro (place of worship), the Casa das Almas, with the support of 6 confirmed mediums and initiated as him for many years in Brazil.

The Casa das Almas,
it is the Social Action of the Call of Souls Project.
Access to giras ceremonies
is free.

What the Casa das Almas offers, in connection with the vibration of the Orixás protecting the house:

"Spiritual elevation through
psycho-emotional transformation
in a welcoming, caring and
compassionate environment."

   Philippe Lenaif

Several times a month, the Casa das Almas opens its doors to you and invites you to its ceremonies in the Afro-Brazilian Umbanda tradition.

Umbanda - syncretism

Syncretism between the African traditions brought by the black slaves, the Christian religion of the white European occupiers and the rituals of the Indians of the Brazilian forests, Umbanda was born against the backdrop of spiritualistic practices developed by the Frenchman Allan Kardec at the beginning of the 20th century..

Umbanda borrowed from Africans the cult of the Orixás - Deities of Nature with their specific rites (pantheon such as that of the Greeks or Romans of antiquity), from the pajelança healing rituals of the Indians, the work with the Spirits and the cult of Nature, and from the Catholicism of the Portuguese the values of Charity and Fraternity. All against a background of reincarnation, spiritual development and the evolution of souls brought about by Kardecism.
Umbanda is recognized as the official religion in Brazil.

The gira

adjaReligious giras ceremonies are characterized by dancing, percussion and sacred songs. During these giras , the initiates called mediums enter a trance (*) and embody an Entity which then uses the body and the voice of the medium to communicate with the people who come to consult her. Through its teachings and the rituals it orchestrates, the Entity helps the consultant with his wisdom and provides social and spiritual assistance.

The notion of Entity is to be understood in this precise context as an Elevated Consciousness which has not been embodied for a long time, which has reached a high vibratory level, and which is momentarily re-inscribed in matter through embodiment, in order to illuminate our reality with its Light and make us benefit from its Wisdom in the name of Oxalá (vibration of the great masters such as Jesus Christ, Buddha,…). Entities do not come to tell us what is true or false, good or bad, but to accompany us on the path of development of our spiritual consciousness.
        (*) trance and embodiment into this specific framework takes place during a structured dance and does not present any manifestation of the cathartic type - the medium just accesses another state of consciousness through to meet his Entity.


Atabaques drums are played by percussionists called Ogãs . These are initiated into the sacred rhythms which will allow to accompany all the phases of rituals, ensure the vibration and the energy necessary for the work of relationship with the Entities.


Schedule :
  • Giras take place twice a month, on Wednesdays from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m..
  • Welcome at 7:30 p.m.
    • There is information about the ceremony from 7:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
    • The ceremony begins at 8 p.m. sharp and it is no longer possible to access it afterwards

Venue :
  • Menisberg 7, 1654 Huizingen

  • You must take off your shoes in the room - bring warm socks (tiles)
  • Possibility to drink a coffee or a thea with a small snack afterwards.
  • Easy parking in front of the room.

Access to the program page.

To stay informed of any last minute programming changes, subscribe to the gira's list of participants using this form.

Mediumship & embodiment

Mediumship, according to the dictionary, is the ability to be a medium. And a medium is someone who can serve as an intermediary between people and spirits. This aptitude can take various forms: clairvoyance, clairaudiance, intuition, premonition, automatic writing,…

Mediumship, seen by Umbanda as a natural faculty existing in every living being to be able to communicate with the subtle, the invisible, the immaterial, is developed in its so-called embodiment form. In a simplified way, embodying an Entity, a Spirit, corresponds to allowing in the body of the practitioner the momentary fusion of two consciousnesses: that of the practitioner and that of the Entity.

It is important that the embodiment occurs with the permission of the medium, in the right places and times, and not in an anarchic manner.
All the work of mediumistic initiation thus consists in developing both the quality and the mastery of this capacity. This requires the overall personal balance of the medium and in particular his psychological balance.

This learning to come into contact with an Entity and to embody it is done during the rituals, with the support of the energy and the vibration brought into play by the percussions, the songs, the dances, and the support of the Corrente of Mediums. Everyone's safety is ensured by an extremely strict framework and ritualistic elements.

The ability to embody is acquired through slow and natural development, without straining, and not through "must do". Just like reducing the level of unconscious vigilance, it is about letting go and gradual surrender that opposes any form of willpower. Each medium has its own Entities, in finite number, which he is usually the only one to embody. Among them, one comes to the fore and is said to be of the Caboclos family. It’s the first one you learn to embody in what is much more a personal relationship that is cultivated over time than learning a hard technique. Also come, among other types of Entities, the Pretos Velhos who share with the Caboclos the symbol of Umbanda in Brazil.

On his path of learning, the medium first goes through a phase where he is subjected to the vibration of the approaching Entity. Gradually, the vibration gets closer until it really "comes in". The medium then goes from "vibrated" by the presence of the Entity to "embodied" by it. Then all the work is to let your own consciousness fade away so that more and more that of the Entity passes. In doing so, the medium allows the manifestation and the increasingly pure expression of the Light of the Entity which he momentarily embodies to put itself at the service of the assistance which comes to consult it.

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