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Integrative   Process  of   Liberation   and  Enchantement   of   the   Soul
  Mourning,  Emotions   and   the   Mirror
  Dance,   Expression   and  Music

Why ?

If you want to make some adjustments in your psyche, or simply solve a specific problem, there is a whole catalog of tools, approaches and practices on the wellness market that allow you to do the choice suited to your needs at the moment.

When the project becomes more ambitious, this path to well-being is often strewn with confrontations (with therapists, other participants, environments, working conditions on oneself ...) which require determination to last. It takes a lot of willpower, mental and physical resources, tenacity, even stubbornness. If we are not careful, we sometimes end up identifying with this way of walking in difficulty, even forgetting even the objective: to be (more) happy.

Pilea-dem offers you an original approach to drastically modify the trajectory of your emotional life, by engaging in awareness on this path of transformation while cultivating the joy and celebration of your soul.

"On my way, I go courageously
to meet myself, searching the dark corners.
As soon as I'm aware,
I offer my Soul the carefree feeling
of the Call of Souls celebration and dances in trance
where my unconscious has all the space to re-harmonize."

What is Pilea-dem?

Pilea-dem is a philosophy, a vision of life, an education in the understanding of unconscious psychic mechanisms and systems of personal transformation, and a path of initiatory transformation. Its particularity is the absence of confrontation with the outside. It is an aid to welcoming the history and the life course of each, while inviting to the collective and festive celebration of the sacred in us.

With Pilea-dem, our premise for achieving happiness as a human being is based on two fundamental conditions:
  • Understanding and mastering the psycho-spiritual mechanisms that structure the ego in our unconscious, determine our attitudes on a daily basis and maintain our difficulties in repetition. It's about increasing self-awareness and realizing how much we are creators of our experiences in a universe of causation - neither luck nor chance.

  • To fully accept the beauty of our presence in the world, to welcome our being in what is most intimate, most delicate, most subtle, in order to rediscover unconditional faith in the project of our soul. It is a question here of experiencing the immutability of our essence, of finding this place in itself from where it is possible to abandon our pretensions in favor of an approach to our reality in all humility and truth. Liberate the Soul and allow it to participate joyfully in creation.

Pilea-dem is on the one hand, the determination to understand our deepest challenges without ever posing as a victim, and on the other hand, the ability to celebrate the light of our soul with absolute faith in its ability to participate in creation in bliss.


This training which starts in May 2023 is based on 7 modules of 4 days over a period of 2 years. It is about learning and mastering the human processes that color our daily experiences with emotions in order to gain maximum autonomy and objectivity in the way we look at ourselves and others.

The objective of this learning is to create in each one major reflexes in the way of understanding the events and the interpersonal exchanges in order to have a lucid analysis of its responsibility in the links of causality: by abandoning any approach where we experience events and where we pose as a victim, we find the creator in itself and we recover all its power of self-transformation. During this Pilea-dem training, you will be trained to acquire these reflexes so that they become a natural or even unconscious mastery.

In this training, it is the understanding and development of the vehicle with which you are moving that matters, not the amount of kilometres travelled or the level of transformation achieved.

Who is it for?

  • This approach, both holistic and extremely simple in its articulation, will help any professional in the help relationship to go further in understanding the unconscious mechanisms at work in every human being, mechanisms too often responsible for failures in therapy when they are not integrated.

  • Anyone who wishes to lead discussion groups will acquire with Pilea-dem a posture and an approach allowing its participants to grow in consciousness and responsibility in the exchanges, without having to learn a lot of communication tools and psychotherapeutic work.

  • For anyone involved in a journey of individual transformation, it is an approach that guarantees autonomy and lucidity in the quest for ever more happiness for oneself, harmony in relationships with one’s loved ones, understanding and acceptance of the human in a general way.

  • Pilea-dem is the philosophy on which the practice of dance in trance Mahorikatan is based. Certification following the Pilea-dem training is required to access the Mahorikatan methodology.


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