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Conscious breathing allows the restoration of the breathing facility in order to increase pulmonary capacity and to express represssed feelings by relaxing muscular tensions.

Everyone has their own breathing space linked to self-love and to the etheric body.

Thanks to conscious breathing, we can "read" how a person works - it is their fingerprint !

"I believe conscious breathing is a clever mix of
Rebirthing and holotropic breathwork,
a body map defining a specific
breathing and functioning."
Silvio Malburg


"Unconsciously, I froze my breath
to bury the secret of my repressed emotions"

Every human being develops their own type of breathing according to what they have experienced. In order to maintain the repressed experiences and emotions, we unconsciously reduce our respiratory capacity and we literally suffocate while storing our experiences in the buffer regions of the abdomen and the diaphragm.

As long as your way of breathing is not improved and the respiratory rhythm is not consciously changed, the individual remains in a mental prison and deals similarly with all the experiences (whether good or bad) and emotional capacities freeze.


By restoring our way of breathing and the respiratory rhythm the body needs, it redistributes the loads to deal with : it directs them to the heart for the emotions, to the head for what's to understand, to the stomach for what's to digest and to the body extremities (the forearms, wrists, hands and sometimes feet) to free from what we don't need anymore.

"By reviving my original breath,
I give back to my body and soul
their complete freedom to act"

By breathing consciously, we use our mind (as a tool) to feed our body needs and this is where we meet ourselves! Breath takes us to Life, beyond our belief system. It feeds the Human Being and warms up our body with its golden energy; it massages and revives the heart, stimulates the pineal gland linked to spirituality and enables the immune and lymphatic system.

The mind does not understand Breath
because it is too subtle.
However it can accept it thanks to
relaxation and well-being lived through the body.

Breathing in is a gift to Man from the Universe and breathing out is a gift from Man to the Universe because it has enhanced it of its experience and consciousness.

To accompany you on the path of the pure air:
Silvio Malburg

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