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Call of Souls is an initiatory project of profound transformation which aims to breathe the Soul.
It is based on a philosophy, Pilea-dem, which underlies all the proposed practices, between awareness and celebrations of Life.
It is implemented in spaces that invite to the transformative power of trance, like the Mahorikatan dance, the dance of the Orixas,...

Presentation of the Call of Souls Project

Call of Souls is an initiatory project of profound transformation that revolves around activities to free the Soul from the contractions of the ego.

At a time when personal development has taken a big step forward, where tools and therapeutic approaches are multiplying, Call of Souls is aiming directly at the goal, namely the liberation of the Soul, rather than the means, that is to say, the progressive reduction of the neurotic personality.
Even if it is possible that the result is the same at the destination, the view of oneself, the interior dispositions and the motivation are different during the course.
In the end, the Being who has found himself has nothing to do with the character who is struggling.

"My neuroses translate the limits
that I impose on my Soul.
I can make them fall."

C. G. Jung reminds us that without spiritual nourishment, our soul can express itself only through neuroses. That is why some psychic difficulties cannot find an answer in psychotherapeutic work: a more religious dimension is needed (in the sense of religare, which allows to connect, for example to the Source). All activities offered in Call of Souls meet this need.

Above all, the participants are encouraged to welcome in the body all the light of their Presence. When the opportunity arises, they are also invited to recognize the psychic contents that limit them, lock them up, imprison them, and are helped to get rid of them.

Call of Souls aims to offer spaces to experience
the happiness of Being to people who meet themselves
in their Essence, beyond the neurotic character.

The Call of the Soul

The soul needs earthly density to manifest itself, for it can only do so through matter. However, this material, this body, is also the reservoir of the unconscious, where all our experiences are recorded since our conception, including the memories of our lineages through the DNA of our parents. It is this same body, this same unconscious which conceals the constituent elements of the neurotic personality that must be committed to dissolve in order to hope one day to embrace, in happiness, the perfection of our Presence.

"Incarnate, my soul knows how to talk to me.
But can I hear it through all my filters? "

Any initiatory project aims to help our bodies
getting rid of the filters that deprive us of access
to reality in full Consciousness and prevent the Soul
to manifest itself freely and totally.

The soul, once we live in the heart of its embrace, makes us beings capable of taking a step back from our mental constructions and subjective filters that have removed us from reality. It gives us the gift of not being disturbed by the concerns, obsessions and the pettiness of the ego. Cleared of traps of pride, we put ourselves fully at the service of Life, with balance, serenity, happiness, lightness, harmony and humor.

It is a state of Higher Consciousness in which we can live in true communion with all that surrounds us. This holistic perception of existence also allows us to understand how much our mental constructions, our way of apprehending the world, are only illusions. The only reality that ultimately exists is this feeling, this deep intuition to be alive, to be part of life, to celebrate life.
This becomes possible once we accept and accept unconditionally all that is found in the "Here and Now".

To be in Peace in Joy

If we want to live in peace in the world, we must make peace in ourselves. No one can pretend to change others. But our gaze on the Other evolves as we strive to transform our inner dispositions in order to bring another light into the exchanges and to live more and more harmonious relations.

Beyond our neuroses, our expectations, our desires, our goals in life, we allow then that our Being, our Consciousness, our Soul, our Self, be revealed.

In our brain, we have two differentiated centers for the emotions "Joy and Pleasure" (the nucleus accumbens) and the emotions "Fear and Anguish" (the amygdala).

As a child, we are made for joy, wonder, enthusiasm - the main components of a rich and harmonious learning to discover life.

"It is in me that the peace and joy of the world reside"

As an adult, this is no longer the day-to-day - we spend more time brooding over bad experiences than enjoying the good ones.

Call of Souls offers you a return to yourself in joy,
the celebration of all life, the spontaneous momentum in
the welcome and the innocence found again.

The philosophy of Call of Souls: Pileadem

The entire Call of Souls project is based on the Pilea-dem approach, which consists of combining in-depth knowledge of the unconscious human processes that allow the transformation and unconditional celebration of our essence in joy.

"With Call of Souls,
I offer air to my soul
and wings to its dance!!"

To support the project of the soul or
to nourish the power of the ego?

How to tell the difference?

At all times, our posture, our attitude, our way of moving, of dancing, of expressing ourselves, of positioning ourselves reflect our history, with our talents and our ability to welcome the light in us, but also our wounds and attempts to deny the manifestations of our shadow.

"My body, my behaviors betray
the jolts of my ego.
I can use this language to move forward."

During the feedback that punctuate the sessions, if you are happy, excited, curious and show complicit welcome of the returns that are made to help you identify your gray areas and strategies of power and unconscious avoidance, it is probably that you position yourself humbly in the service of your Soul.

If on the other hand you feel annoyed, outraged, in reaction, in tension, in justification, in confrontation, in denial of reception, in deaf and blind projection, it is more than possible that your pride is touched and that you are struggling ( consciously or consciously) to keep power at the level of your ego. In this case, Call of Souls will send you back to this question: Are you the toy of the control and requirements of your ego, or are you trying to be humbly in the service of the Light of your Soul?

"There comes a time when the mind likes better
what confirms its knowledge than what contradicts its.
Then the conservative instinct dominates,
spiritual growth stops. "
Gaston Bachelard

Personal involvement

When registering for a Call of Souls event, each participant recognizes in an adult and responsible manner that the adventure consists of an inner journey to meet his Light - which in itself can be intense and frightening - and that it sometimes implies the resurgence of shadows (internal tensions, projections, expectations, demands for reparation, repressed emotions, avoidance strategies, attachment to a victim condition, etc.), of which it will be appropriate to release the Soul to welcome what she came to realize in this incarnation.

This quest for the Soul inevitably involves a voluntary confrontation with the ego, a process that requires humility, abandonment and letting go.

"I listen, I hear, and I accept the movement."

Every human being aspires to health, happiness and freedom. But when it comes to becoming involved in consciousness in this dissolution of the prison that is the ego, it is clear that where many want to be treated, few are determined to heal.
It often happens that a person comes forward with a sign around the neck saying "Please, help me change", and on the back another one saying "But please, don't touch anything! ".

No real and profound transformation can avoid the emergence of painful emotions in connection with the repressions that one day served survival but have subsequently become so many prisons over time.

Call of Souls has this peculiarity that it helps to change smoothly, offering the unconscious spaces of benevolence and welcome to release the difficult experiences programmed in the neural networks.

Rather than confrontating defenses
through violent catharsis therapies
Call of Souls favors the appeasement of wounds
and change by welcoming deep needs with
gentleness, tenderness, peace
and inner silence.

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