Call of Souls Encounters
from July, Wednesday 28th
to August, Sunday 1st
-   Edition 2021   -

On the program: Orixas' Dance - Mahorikatan Dance
Conscious Breathing - Intuitive Painting - Vibratory Concert
Organic Concert - Sharing Moments - Awakened Dreams
Meditation Moments - Spiritual Teachings ...

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Philosophy of annual encounters

From July 28 to August 01, 2021, Call of Souls invites you to join its first annual Encounters.

As part of these encounters, energetical, psycho-corporal and spiritual practices are articulated in consciousness to lead your soul on its path of freedom.

In sincerity of heart, away from projections and external fantasies, Orixas' Dance, Mahorikatan Dance, Conscious Breathing, Intuitive Painting, Vibratory Concerts, Organic Concerts, Sharing Moments, Awakened Dreams, Meditation Times, Spiritual Teachings ... are serving an initiatory process of elevation.

One single goal:
let go of control in order to
let your soul breathe!

The recurrent practice of workshops or trainings to face the problems and the difficulties which are the batch of each one often leads to a hellish and repetitive cycle "problem / solution" which leaves dissatisfied.

Call of Souls offers you a course
without seeking performance,
in welcoming your presence,
all in tenderness!

With joy, sparkle, humor, Philippe and the entire Call of Souls team will give you unexpected keys to guide you on this path.

Specifics of the Encounters

In a few words:
  • The Encounters are a favorable moment for an intimate welcome of oneself to oneself, meetings and exchanges with others, as well as the discovery of Call of Souls, its approach, its tools, its stakeholders. < / li>       
  • It is an initiatory journey to the heart of yourself where each step counts to clear the clutter and obstacles on the path of your soul so that it can finally lay eyes on its horizon. It is an odyssey where we all embark together to live the adventure day after day and participate in each of the proposed activities - it is a continuous evolutionary process and not an offer of à la carte activities       
  • The Encounters take the form of a retreat, in the simplicity of everyone's presence. They are characterized by the fact of preserving the authentic bond with oneself, without connection with the outside, without portable, without perfume, without make-up, without jewel.
  • Every morning, the Call of Souls team welcomes you and prepares you for the stage of the day that will take you on the paths of your soul until late evening at 10 p.m.

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