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One vehicle: the trance

October 1993. During an exercise in psycho-corporal work, Philippe Lenaif finds himself suddenly thrown into a state of deep shamanic trance, as sudden as it is unexpected. This first spontaneous experience, which lasted more than an hour, marked the beginning of a life course where modified states of consciousness would multiply until they became like second nature. Experience and mastery will grow over the years.

Trance opens access to the unconscious, to its repressed contents, to memories, but also to resources, to new, vast information, well beyond the limits within which our usual consciousness locks us. Trance, a modified state of consciousness during which the ego is erased and the constraints of the superego dissolve, allows the deployment of the symptom (s) of trauma to the end, offers flow paths liberating crystallized energies, defeats the load of emotional stresses that maintained, fueled the symptoms.

Recruited in 2020 as an expert in trance states as part of neuroscience research, Philippe Lenaif now devotes himself to the study of the psycho-spiritual effects produced by trance states as powerful vectors of deep transformation and trauma resolution.

Three expressions : Mahorikatan, the Dance of the Orixas, the Casa das Almas

Call of Souls presents its three types of work with trance:

  • M A H O R I K A T A N

    Sacred dance, ecstatic trance and inner peace - more info

  • D A N C E   of   the   O R I X A S

    Dance to meet the Forces of Nature in us - with sacred Afro-Brazilian percussions (performed live) - more info

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  • C A S A   das   A L M A S 

    Spiritual and social assistance through ceremonies in the Afro-Brazilian tradition Umbanda - more info

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