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Mahorikatan, the dance that
opens the doors of the Soul!

"With Mahorikatan,
discover poetry, grace,
delicacy, all the beauty of the world...
inside you!"

    Philippe Lenaif

The essence of Mahorikatan, sacred dance, dance in trance

Mahorikatan is a dance in an altered state of consciousness; it’s a soft, subtle and deep trance, which involves the dissolution of all the individual stresses and internal chaos.

To reach this state, one must let all resistances melt in order to reach deep intimacy with oneself.

This dance brings the calm, the inner peace, the serenity and the abandonment that this gentle trance requires.

When the dancer in trance has his heart in peace, the purity of his essence expresses itself delicately with refined movements of ecstatic grace. The being becomes the messenger of his own soul.

Mahorikatan is a quest in the heart of oneself,
a subtle initiatory path through which a being
meets and crosses, little by little,
in abandonment, all that hobbles
his soul.

"Free yourself from the ego
(personal story, trauma ...)
to access the grace of the soul!"

    Philippe Lenaif

For the one who dances, it is a journey in the depths of his being, a path of inner transformation that passes through the power of Yin and welcoming oneself into humility.

For the witness, it is a moment of great emotion and inspiration.
Touched in his sacred dimension by the vibration of the dance, its own forces of transformation and healing come alive and open a path to freedom for his soul.

Mahorikatan is an Initiatory Way through the sacred danceSacred Healing Dance that takes us to the core of the truth that founds ourselves.
Thus, our essence makes us experience unity and its specific grace, through which we emerge renewed and reborn.

"To dance is to give body to one's soul"
    Philippe Lenaif

Mahorikatan is also a form of
ultra modern and stripped shamanism
where one learns the trance,
the listening of the soul,
the interaction with the
non-visible presences who guide us,
from an intensified
presence to self.

Mahorikatan in practice...

"Mahorikatan takes you where
you realize you are much more
than your body, your name, your voice,
your words, your thoughts, ...."

    Philippe Lenaif

Mahorikatan presents itself as an initiatory path of profound transformation.

This dance requires each participant to be responsibly involved in an inner journey seeking to rehabilitate repressed emotions and heart wounds, in order to liberate new spaces for the expression of the soul. and its project - this also requires acquiring a progressive capacity for abandonment and letting go with humility.

In dance, our whole story is set in motion, which means that at any moment traumatic contents of the unconscious can reappear and come to consciousness in the form of sensations and emotions more or less intense (but always smoothly), accompanied by projections more or less conscious. It is therefore good to have a minimum of experience and self-knowledge in this area to enjoy and welcome the renewal offered by the subtlety and delicacy of the dances as part of this path of initiation.

According to C. G. Jung, our soul needs spiritual nourishment
otherwise it expresses it through neuroses.
Mahorikatan offer this vital food for our
superior being, in an area of
peace and conviviality.

All Mahorikatan activities are moments of meditation in the heart of oneself. During the sessions, the participant is invited to:
  • take a time for oneself, for a subtle encounter with one's sacred dimension, in an attitude of openness and receptivity;

  • find an intimate space in itself, without waiting, without a priori, without desire to "do";

  • let the inner tensions melt by being attentive to one's bodily perceptions;

  • to increase one's presence in one's body, to return to one's inner truth;

  • to receive the vibration of Mahorikatan inside oneself, to be touched by it and to be nourished.
It is a moment of great delicacy towards its unique presence in the world. If emotions occur, it is the appropriate framework to welcome them with gentleness, kindness, and thus release more and more the heart of his contractions.

The dances of the Mahorikatan team open the vibratory space conducive to this meditation, to this journey in the heart of oneself, and put the Mahorikatan energy and vibration at the disposal of the participants.

For the viewer, the simple fact of sitting, motionless, calm, in a state of openness and surrender to oneself, facilitates the reception and integration of this subtle energy.

When he becomes an actor in the dance, he is offered to live this same path of abandonment to oneself in delicate movements and dances of welcome of his presence.

When the one who looks can see the sacred in the one who dances, the sacred of the one who dances awakes the sacred one of the one who looks.
By mirror play, the sacred of one reveals the sacredness of the other.

"Mahorikatan works softly and quietly,
in the heart of our presence"

    Philippe Lenaif

Depending on the level of integration of the participants, the proposed experiences may differ from person to person. The vibration and emotions that Mahorikatan produces are directly related to the capacity to welcome oneself in intimacy, with humility.

Throughout the dances, due to the profound impacts on the contents of the unconscious,, this practice which mobilizes the physical, psychic and spiritual dimensions of the being produces a sensation of intense tiredness which requires moments of regular pause and peace to integrate. It is good to expect such spaces when returning home after a session.

Mahorikatan en piscine
Experience in hot pool (36°) - Oct 2021

Mahorikatan, discovery in music and images

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Proposed packages for Mahorikatan

Allow your Soul to dance its project !

M A H O R I K A T A N is constantly evolving.
Currently, the proposed forms are the following:

Dancing Meditations
They take the form of ceremonies and are led by members of the Mahorikatan team.
They usually take place one Sunday afternoon per month.

They happen in: Days, 2-days workshops, 4-day retreats
Discovery, practice, deepening with the Mahorikatan team under the responsibility of Philippe Lenaif
  • The 1-day and 2-days workshops allow you to discover Mahorikatan for those who come for the first time. For the regulars, it is a space of practice where to go always further in the discovery of oneself and its essence, to get closer and closer to its center. They can be residential but not necessarily.

  • The 4-day workshops are privileged moments of deep immersion in the heart of our presence. They are residential and offer a bubble out of time to meet his soul and his destiny. In addition to the "classical" practice of Mahorikatan, these courses are the occasion for specific rituals, such as the Mandalas of Healing.

    NB: the 4-day "Retreat" workshops are only accessible to people who have participated in at least a 2-day workshop.

Mahorikatan calendar of courses, workshops, ceremonies....

Programming over the years

All information relating to
the programming of Mahorikatan activities
in Switzerland, France, Belgium or Holland
are listed on the Agenda page of the Call of Souls site.

Dancing Meditation in the afternoon

Accessible to all - no prerequisite.
Registration via the Agenda page.

2-day workshops "Discovery & Maintenance"

Accessible to all - no prerequisite.
These workshops are generally
non-residential, with some exceptions.
Registration via the Agenda page.

4-day workshops "Retreat"

Accessible to people who have already participated in a 2-day workshop.
These workshops are systematically residential.
Registration via the Agenda page.

Exceptional moment - Mahorikatan & dolphins

This workshop is accessible to people who have already participated in
at least two Mahorikatan workshops in the year including
               a 4-day "Retreat" workshop.
               Registration via the Agenda page.

Here is the video filmed during the trip to Egypt
in July 2019 - she looks like a mandala
of love and peace.

The Mahorikatan team

The seed that will someday become MAHORIKATAN was existing for a long time already, there, somewhere, both in the subtle and in the hearts.

A first reflection of 4 people, all experts in dance and trance, in August 2010 with the intuition of "something" to develop, a second impulse in April 2011, 2 more people joining the group, some hesitation and stammering, one or two first drafts of dance accompanied by more and more precise instructions from a Mentor whom Philippe receives in a state of mediumistic trance, and the momentum is given.

On September 2nd, 2012, the Mentor pronounces for the first time the name of MAHORIKATAN and transmits to Philippe all the knowledge related to the teaching of the dance, its practice and its philosophy. The green light is given to open to the public this new initiatory path of spiritual development.

Mahorikatan is constantly evolving, depending on the experience the team is acquiring and the instructions the Mentor conveys.

Our vision is to open spaces of unconditional welcome for the souls who join us in order to celebrate their presence in bliss. This is why the members of the team who are responsible for leading Mahorikatan activities are called "itosona" , a Yoruba term with multiple meanings according to accents, including " orientation, guidance, path, detachment, pray ", and which symbolizes " the one who opens the path with detachment ".

Currently, the deployment of Mahorikatan activities is under the responsibility of:
Emmanuelle d'Agostin Philippe Lenaif Olga Kimpembe Séverine Nectoux
Equipe Mahorikatan

The other members of the Mahorikatan team are, in alphabetical order:
Alexandre Verlhac, Bénédicte Chamberland, Mary-Luce Broussard,
Vincent Bricaud.

What the participants say about Mahorikatan...

  • In many practices, I have often found points of support to resist - consciously or unconsciously - the transformation.
    Mahorikatan is unique in that it is impossible to fight, to oppose, to circumvent, to refuse, to control, to sabotage the process.
    Mahorikatan does not offer resistance media on which to run all these scenarios.
    Everything happens as if the usual brakes and filters were annihilated, offering a direct access to the heart of the true self. Jean Michel.

  • I feel relaxed, in a form of fullness, of gratitude to life for having taken this path so close to this subtle self and its luminous manifestation.
    I had no desire to return, it was cozy, delicious, full and carrying sweetness, like a new caress I want to keep. Daniel.

  • Since the stage of Mahorikatan, I feel that all my transformations go through the heart. There is no word to express this particular feeling that I live.
    It's tasty and scouring! Laurence

  • It is a wave that circulates freely and fills me with a feeling of unity and fullness. Everything is in its place inside, there is no more obstacle to let be what is there, without intervening (besides, it is not really possible to intervene).
    It's sweet, warm, and unifying. It frees my breathing and the tension in my body. Bénédicte

  • Feeling to evolve in a very large space, with the need to align myself, to adjust myself to a vertical axis. As if the need to be centered was indispensable. As far as movements are concerned, room for choreography is not possible; need to really let the movement go by itself. Philippe

  • At the moment I heard the instruction "stay in your heart", I first felt a very big wave of sadness. Then, plunging into my heart, feeling of falling into a hole, sadness that dissolves, and my body dancing.
    During the dance, a very great heat, everywhere in the body, especially in the pelvis, in the head. A heat that is both lively and soft: a feeling of fusion and also expansion in joy. Bliss. Blandine

  • The day after the workshop, in the subway, I looked at people and I started to imagine each person, there, for 5 seconds, dancing Mahorikatan.
    On the platform, in the subway ... it made me feel good, it made me smile and made peace on a lot of judgments - it reminded me that everyone had their light and I imagined the bodies of these people, with all their inner wounds, expressing everyone's light in the dance. Olivier

  • Mahorikatan re-energized me, brought to a place of peace and grace in me of which I did not know the existence. I have experienced something of the mystery order, something that is completely beyond me. I felt the connection between us all as an invisible thread connecting us.
    I recall all what I lived with a joy and a deep gratitude and also nostalgia, to return there!
    And then there is also all the cleaning and the awakening that are made since: avoidance strategies are much less easy to implement because at this point I can not do as if nothing had happened, he there is a force that pushes me forward that is stronger than anything. Anita

  • For me who stay seated without dancing, I do not know what one can feel while dancing, but what I receive at each ceremony is more and more intense. I am touched deeper and deeper in myself.
    I do not understand how all this is possible, just by receiving your dances and I can not find the words to express.
    So just tell you a huge THANK YOU, to all of you who offer your dance. Catherine.

  • I testify that I have never experienced something so fast and effective in kindness and good humor. Philippe should be reimbursed by social security: 24 hours after having lived the Mahorikatan internship, my life is revealed! Thank you Philippe. Sylvain.

Mahorikatan and neuroscience

Since his first lightning and spontaneous shamanic trances in 1993, Philippe Lenaif has not stopped experiencing trance in a whole series of different forms, approaches and traditions: shamanic trance, regression trance, healing mediumnic trance, mediumnic trance of embodyment, hypnotic trance, rhythmic trance, ... Over the years, it has become his daily life, like second nature.

It is with all these experiences that he has been developing the sacred Mahorikatan dance since 2010.
Mahorikatan is a form of ultra modern shamanism, totally stripped down, where we experience trance, listening and welcoming the soul, interaction with the non-visible Beings who guide us, from a intensified presence to oneself.
The Mahorikatan state of trance is easily accessible to all, in a few hours, from the first session.

During 2020, he is recruited as an expert in trance practices to participate in a pilot study in neuroscience under the responsibility of Doctors Olivia Gosseries (neuropsychologist, FNRS researcher) and Audrey Vanhaudenhuyse (neuropsychologist, PhD in Medical Sciences).
This study is entitled: "Phenomenological experience and neurophysiological correlates of trance in healthy individuals".

In this context, in June 2021, Mahorikatan was the subject of a final thesis in psychology in which the characteristics of cognitive trance (Corine Sombrun) and Mahorikatan trance (Philippe Lenaif) were analyzed and compared.
The results of this analysis will soon be the subject of a scientific publication.

Transe & neurosciences - Philippe Lenaif_05 Transe & neurosciences - Philippe Lenaif_06 Transe & neurosciences - Philippe Lenaif_01 Transe & neurosciences - Philippe Lenaif_04 Transe & neurosciences - Philippe Lenaif_03 Transe & neurosciences - Philippe Lenaif_02

Philippe Lenaif & Audrey Vanhaudenhuyse

giga The Mahorikatan Dance-Trance is the subject of research
in neuroscience at the CHU de Liège

ucl The Mahorikatan Dance-Trance is part of the trances studied as part of a doctoral thesis in anthropology at UCLouvain

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